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PET Bottle Blowing Machine-XSA-5L-1-1
PET Bottle Blowing Machine-XSA-5L-1-2
PET Bottle Blowing Machine-XSA-5L-1-0


Category:PET Bottle Blowing Machine

Warranty:1 Year

Max Bottle Volume(ml):5000ml

Applicable Industries:edil oil Factory

Voltage:Acoording customer country



*Servo-driven shifting system, positioning is fast, accurate and stable. Optional servo embryo feeding, clamping and servo stretching system

* Equipped with a pressurized clamping system to eliminate the clamping line and improve the quality of the bottle

*Imported touch screen type man-machine interface computer, PLC automatically feedback the location of the fault point, easy to maintain

*The blowing parameters of each cavity are independently controlled for easy adjustment

*High safety factor: there are no hidden dangers of personal injury, avoiding the danger of semi-automatically taking bottles manually, reducing losses caused by accidents, and improving production efficiency

* Labor saving: single-person operation of the machine or multiple simultaneous operations by a single person, saving 2 to 3 times the labor force

*Using infrared tube heating, strong penetration and uniform heating, the width and height of the reflector can be adjusted, which can be suitable for heating preforms of different structures

*The blowing process parameters of 9 different bottles can be stored. When changing different molds and preforms, they can be directly retrieved from the computer without re-adjusting the data, and the operation is very simple

*Pneumatic components imported from Germany, Japan and Taiwan are selected to ensure zero failure rate in high-speed operation

*With high sensitivity, fast switching speed, low failure rate, safe and reliable operation, the whole machine adopts an ultra-standard anti-vibration overall structure, which minimizes vibration when the machine is running at high speed, greatly extending the service life of accessories

*Servo clamping system, increased output and stronger stability

Technical Data

Model NOXSA-5L-1
Theoretical Output600pcs/hr
Max Container Volume5L
Max Neck Diameter50mm
Max Container Diameter175mm
Max Container Height350mm
Number Of Cavity1 cavity
Total Power40KW
Use Power20KW
Working Pressure1.0mpa
Low Pressure Consuming1600L/min
Blow Pressure<3.5mpa
High Pressure Consuming2400L/min
Machine Size2.5x2.0x2.0m
Machine Weight2T
Feeding Machine Size2.0x1.0x2.2m
Feeding Machine Weight0.22T

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