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1. The most important component of carbonated drinks is water. After drinking, it can supplement the water and some sugars and minerals consumed by the body due to exercise and life activities. It has a certain effect on maintaining the balance of water and electrolyte in the body.

2. Carbonated beverages contain carbon dioxide, so they can play a role of sterilization and antibacterial. They can also take away body heat through evaporation and play a role in cooling down. Therefore, in the hot summer, people often use to cool off the heat.

3. Carbonated beverages can prevent dementia, because the hippocampus area in the brain becomes very active under the stimulation of rising blood sugar, while the function of the hippocampus area in patients with Alzheimer's disease declines and the hippocampus shrinks. The content of sugar in carbonated drinks is relatively high, so it has the effect of preventing dementia.

4. Carbonated drinks contain high sugar content, which can bring energy.

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Carbonated drinks contain carbon dioxide and sugar.

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