Manual semi auto 4 cavity 600ml bottle blowing molding machine

reliable pet bottle blow molding machine in China

semi auto 4 cavity pet stretch molding machine

capacity 1500 bottle per hour

Max volume is 2000ML

Product Application:PET bottle blowing machine price is applied for 50ml-1500ml small volume bottle production,

plastic bottle blowing machine price is best suitable for small scale production and beginner; the preforms manually put onto preform holder and heated in infrared oven, then the heated preforms manually put into blow mould to stretch blowing into bottles

bottle blowing machine price Main Advantage:

big flow rate blowing valve design guarantee smooth and continous blowing,with pre blow function gurantee the blowed bottle with evenly thickness.

Germany brand solenoid valve guarantee the blowing machine action stable.

Infrared heating oven Temperature by Temperature control module gurantee the heating stable.

The machine is controlled by PLC system, with menu of different language for easy setting,

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Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine helps your business

Semi-automatic bottle blowing machine helps your business

Nowadays, plastic bottles are widely used in our daily lives. Drinking water bottles, beverages, juices, and edible oils are all closely related to our lives. This means this market is huge, which has attracted many people to join the blow molding machine business.